Answered! Pep confirms Man City released Palmer to Chelsea last summer

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  • Pep Guardiola reveals Cole Palmer has wanted to leave the club for a long time.
  • This player moved from Manchester City to play with Chelsea last summer.
  • The players are showing excellent form.
Answered! Pep confirms Man City released Palmer to Chelsea last summer

Pep Guardiola, Spanish trainer of Manchester City a giant club in the English Premier League, has revealed that The ufabet reason for releasing midfielder Cole Palmer to play with Chelsea last summer was because the player had wanted to move to a team for a long time

Guardiola said through “Sky Sports”, the country’s leading sports media, that “He is a great player. We knew that when he was here. I’ve said it many times before. I didn’t give him the playing time he deserved.”

“Now he’s done it at Chelsea, I understand everything clearly. I’m happy with him too. He is a quiet person. He’s got a lot of potential and that’s who he is. He’s played wonderfully, so what can I say? The decision was made for a number of reasons.”

“He asked to leave for two seasons and I told him to stay but he said he wanted to leave. What can we do? In pre-season I told him to stay with us because Riyad Mahrez was leaving but it was two seasons before he wanted to leave.

Currently, the 21-year-old is doing his best with Chelsea, scoring 23 goals in 38 games in all competitions. And has already been named to the senior England national team for 2 games.