Where is the back pain? What kind of disease is it? What kind of back pain is dangerous?

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When many people around you begin to complain about ” back pain ”  to the point of disturbing your sleep at night. Sitting and working during the day Including just sitting and watching TV. The house still hurts. We therefore feel that it is our duty to research and provide information on what causes back pain can be. And then you have to be surprised that each area of ​​pain There are causes of various diseases. that are different as well

Where is the back pain? What kind of disease is it? What kind of back pain is dangerous?

Where is the back pain? What disease is it? 

  1. Pain along the spine
    If you have pain in the middle of your back It may start from top to bottom. But it’s just right in the middle of the back. It is assumed that something abnormal occurred in the spine. lumbar disc or ligaments between the vertebrae It is caused by bending over, lifting heavy objects, or having a profession that requires carrying heavy objects for a long time, such as photographers or construction workers. Labor users who have to carry and deliver heavy items Going to different places, etc. Or it may be an employee who has to work in the same sitting position for a long time. and rarely changes posture
  2. Pain in the upper back, near the shoulder, neck, or neck
    Normally, if someone has pain in this area Often caused by sitting and working in an inappropriate position. or in inappropriate places, such as desks and work chairs that do not correspond to the body’s body Thus making the organization of the ทางเข้า ufabet body Unusual sitting position for work, such as being in a raised shoulder position all the time. As a result, it causes pain and aches from the shoulder area. upper back muscles All the way to the shoulder near the nape of the neck. 

3.Middle back muscles, left and right
This part is the back muscle. Next address on the left or right from the spine It may be caused by accidents from exercising, playing sports, or moving the body in the wrong position in a rapid manner, causing muscle inflammation. If there is a cause from these factors The pain will gradually go away. It gets better when you rest the muscles for a while.

4.lower back pain
The lower back is the area of ​​the back that lies from the level of the navel down. It may extend all the way to the hips or thighs, with pain that comes and goes for some time or continuous pain. There are many causes of pain. From an older age (30 years and older), body weight exceeds the standard. Lack of continuous exercise, sitting and lying down all day, working in a job that requires lifting heavy things or playing sports that use the back a lot, such as wrestling, osteoporosis Including pregnant women who have to bear the weight of their children in the womb for several months.

5.Back pain in the lumbar region
The area of ​​pain is in the waist area. which is slightly towards the back It has similar causes to other back pain areas. From using the muscles in that area hard from lifting heavy things for a long time. exercise Or playing sports that use the muscles in that area a lot, such as golf, minor accidents, pregnancy, as well as depressed mental states that result in muscle tension that lacks flexibility.

What kind of back pain is dangerous?

Back pain caused by muscle inflammation This may be caused by overuse of the muscles in that area. Or a minor accident may heal on its own if you refrain from using the muscles in that area for a while. Or there are external medicines that help reduce muscle injuries. But if you have back pain that is accompanied by the following other symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor for a thorough examination.

There is pain in the same place. continuously for more than 6 weeks

The pain was so great that I felt something was wrong. Symptoms do not subside

The pain is sharp and sharp. like a needle

A sharp ache extending all the way down to the thigh. Until there may be weakness in the legs, pain in the calves, making it difficult to walk. Or it hurts to walk a little.

Pain in the coccyx that was not caused by an accident

There is pain in urinating, burning, cloudy color, or fever along with back pain in the lumbar region. (This may be an early symptom of kidney stones. or kidney inflammation)

Pain to the point of numbness in the legs or feet

Unable to move freely, such as bending over or straightening.

Holding urine or faeces becoming difficult 

If you cannot find the cause of your back pain and still have back pain for more than 6 weeks, you should consult a doctor for a detailed examination. for the real cause And fixing the problem from the root cause is the best. because of taking muscle relaxants How much of the external painkiller is used up? Symptoms may not improve if we do not know the actual problem.