Technique for removing breast lumps with Vacuum Assisted Breast Excision 

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If you find a lump or hard lump in the breast tissue Even though the lump may not cause us any pain, don’t be complacent. Most women leave it alone and don’t see a doctor because they’re afraid of surgery. Until the lump expands and spreads until the symptoms become more severe. This article will take everyone to get to know each other. A technique for removing breast lumps that allows for small wounds and quick recovery with the Vacuum Assisted Breast Excision system.

Technique for removing breast lumps with Vacuum Assisted Breast Excision 

What is VAE (Vacuum Assisted Excision) ?

is the vacuum extraction of lumps in the breast area. With a 360 degree automatic suction needle under the Ultrasound machine using only local anesthesia. The needle will do the job of cutting. and sucked out all the lumps. By a doctor specializing in breast surgery

Advantages and efficiency of VAE treatment

  • Substitute for breast lump surgery The wound size is approximately 5-7 mm.
  • People who have good breast lumps
  • People who have multiple breast lumps The โปรโมชั่น ufabet size of the lump should be no more than 2-3 centimeters.
  • The entire lump can be taken out for diagnostic testing.
  • This can be done in conjunction with placing a medical wire clip at the location of the lump that is being suctioned out. In the event that the suspected lump is abnormal To be able to continue surgery in the same location if the biopsy results come back abnormal.
  • Can be used in place of core needle biopsy with a larger amount of biopsy.
  • Reduce the risk of anesthesia.
  • Quick recovery, no need to stay in the hospital to recuperate.

Common complications

               Treatment with vacuum aspiration of lumps in the breast area There may be complications including:

Pain in the breast piercing area and bruising or hematoma around the breast where the procedure was performed. However, these symptoms can disappear on their own in about 1 – 2 weeks.

            With the advancements in tumor removal technology in medical treatment Therefore, the current treatment for lumps

There are more diverse options. To help patients receive effective treatment without needing to stay at the hospital. It also helps reduce complications from major surgery, reduces injuries, and allows you to return to your normal life quickly. However, for women, you should regularly check and feel your breasts yourself every month, and for women over 40 years old, Get a mammogram and breast ultrasound once a year. If abnormalities are found, you can consult a medical professional to determine the cause and receive further treatment.