Win a gun! ‘Thiago’ comeback ‘Reds’ in full training

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Liverpool are set to return to their starting line-up for Sunday’s clash with Premier League leaders Arsenal as. Thiago Alcantara has returned to training with a hip injury that has been missing for two months. While Luis Diaz and Virgil van Dijk are also ready.

English Premier League club Liverpool received good news when the technical midfielder Thiago Alcantara Recovered from injury and returned to full training on Thursday, April 6th. Causing to have a chance to return to kick an UFABET important game that will have to open Anfield Receive a visit to Arsenal, the leader of the crowd. This Sunday, as well as Luis Diaz and Virgil van Dijk, who were so ill that they missed playing midweek.

Win a gun! 'Thiago' comeback 'Reds' in full training

The 31-year-old star suffered a hip injury. From the game that invaded to lose Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-3 in early February As a result, he missed about 10 matches. But from the latest training should make Jurgen Klopp, the German coach. It’s a relief that important forces in midfield have returned to help the team. But still not sure Will be in the starting line-up or back up duel game, artillery.

Red Machine has been experiencing constant player injuries since the beginning of the season. Despite the emergence of young stars like Stefan Bycetic stepping up to replace older players who had begun to wane. But in the end , he encountered a muscle injury that played until he lost the right to enter the field in the 2022-2023 season. take a while

Diaz , who suffered a serious knee injury since October, lost 2-3 against the Gunners in October . He has been practicing for two weeks, but Klopp is expected to not be in a hurry until he is sure, while the Dutch defender Who has an illness until he loses the right to enter the field, the last Chelsea 0-0 draw game has completely recovered If there is no further problem, he will come down to stand in the defensive position as before.

As for Liverpool , who are yet to win three league games in a row, picking up only one point, are likely to miss out on qualifying for next season’s Champions League as they currently sit eighth in the table. They have 43 points from 28 matches, 10 points behind fourth-placed Manchester United, who are in the final spot, having played the same number of matches. With 10 remaining shots left to collect points