Vieira doesn’t want to let Mateta leave the team.

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Crystal Palace’s France manager Patrick Vieira is hopeful Jean-Philippe Mateta will stay at Crystal Palace despite reports that Saint-Etienne are keen on bringing Jean. Philippe Mateta joins the team

Crystal Palace have made the decision to bring Jean-Philippe Mateta on a two-season loan, but it looks like the playing time will not be that big as they compete for places with Jordan Ayew and Christi. Jon Benteke, plus in the 2021/22 season. Jean-Philippe Mateta even less. Making Jean Philippe Mateta immediately a patient backup.

And it is Saint-Etienne who wants Jean-Philippe Mateta to join the team to strengthen the attacking game and is now in a situation of trying to escape relegation, making Saint-Etienne have to look. A new striker was urgently needed to reinforce the attack. But Jordan Ayew’s departure for the African Nations Cup prompted Patrick Vieira to send Jean. Ong Philippe Mateta has played more and it appears that Jean-Philippe Mateta’s performance has been very satisfactory.

Patrick Vieira is hopeful Jean-Philippe Mateta will stay at Crystal Palace until the end of the season. Although striker options are widely available. By Patrick Vi Hera said Jean Philippe Mateta hasn’t been given much playing time. Since his arrival. The more Odsonne Eduard comes in the more. It affects his playing opportunities. But the guys. We want Jean-Philippe Mateta to remain at the UFABET club with a very satisfying performance, although the selection of players for each match is very difficult.”