Samppaoli praises Guendouzi’s leadership

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Olympique Marseille’s Argentinian manager Jorge Samppaoli has hailed Matteo Guendouzi as a “very high-leader” player and has shown it clearly. Every match that has been given the opportunity to enter the field

Although he used to be Arsenal’s main character before. But after having problems with the Arsenal board. He was reduced to only a reserve and not in Mi’s plans. Gal Arteta is no longer available. Prompting Matteo Guendouzi to move to Hertha Berlin on a season-long loan. The field continued to be in the starting lineup. But unfortunately Matteo Guendouzi was still unable to squeeze in as Hertha Berlin’s main character.

This prompted Matteo Guendouzi to return to Arsenal immediately, but Mikel Arteta’s absence from the club’s plans has led to rumors of a move for Matteo Gen. Duzi has continued to come out before Olympique Marseille, who decided to bring Matteo Guendouzi to the team on a season-long loan and it looks like Matteo Guendouzi will. Calling his good form back immediately. Also getting the opportunity to play in the field continuously.

Most recently, Matteo Guendouzi hopes to stay at Olympique Marseille. Marseille having to pay only 10 million pounds to Arsenal if they want to sign Matte. O Guendouzi joins the UFABET team. Which Jorge Samppaoli has praised for Matteo Guendouzi as a player with very high leadership provided by Jorge Samppaoli. He said: “Matteo Guendouzi has shown us a very high level of leadership as a young player and the arrival of Matteo Guendouzi has helped us a lot. a lot