Review of The Myth game from AMEBA, online slots with recommended techniques

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Review of the game The Myth. A secret slot from AMEBA that creates content within the game as a story about a stacked treasure with a value of up to 50,000 baht. That can meet the needs of thousands of people as well So today. We’re going to explain how to play with important payouts.

Review of The Myth game . Secret slots. What are the rules and how to play style?

The secret slot game Slot AMEBA has 5 lines, 30 paylines, clear visuals and sounds, bright colors, comfortable to look at. and has a play style including rules and methods of playing that are easy to understand Suitable for beginners, the game also has a special feature known as symbols. There are 12 symbols in the secret slot game, divided into general symbols and special symbols as follows.

common symbol

AMEBA online slots

Scatter symbol

  • is a wooden chest if found on the screen. Players will receive free games. You can also choose the characters that are used as wild symbols as needed. The number of free games to be received in each round is determined by random numbers on the web. There are 3 levels of Scatter payouts:
    • Complete 3 pictures, get 5x the bet amount.
    • If all 4 pictures get 10 x bet amount
    • If there are 5 pictures, get 20 x bet amount.

Wild symbols

  • Golden bowl a special symbol that can be used instead of all symbols. Except for the Scatter symbol, there are 3 payout levels for Wilds:
    • Have 3 pictures, get 60
    • Get all 4 photos, get 150
    • If you get 5 pictures, get 800

jackpot prize money

  • There are 2 levels of secret slots: Gold, Silver. The chances of a player winning a jackpot prize will be more or less depending on the stake.

How to play The Myth online slot AMEBA

First, enter User-Password and verification code. to login to the main page

The Myth game review
  1. When entering the main web page, click on the category “Slot Games”
  2. Press the AMEBA SLOT ONLINE game camp.
  3. Choose a secret slot game. Within the game, there are buttons and menus that are important as follows.
The Myth game review
  1. Slot machine reels have 5 reels with 30 winning lines.
  2. Player settings menu can view play information and payout symbols of the game here.
  3. Number of pay lines Payline
  4. The amount of credit in the bet
  5. Slot bet amount
  6. Max bet button to place the highest bet.
  7. Spin button to start the game Players can adjust their spin speed with the lightning symbol.
  8. Auto Spin Press to auto spin.
  9. Win amount wins all lines in each round.
  10. Player’s total balance

After we get to know the menu within the game and set up bets. Press the player to start the game at the spin button. After that, wait to win the prize.

All of this is a review of The Myth game. The process of playing secret slots from AMEBA is another popular option. In addition to being easy to play, there is also a feature that increases the prize money that is available to win in games such as jackpots and free games. If you want to spin the slot to have fun and win big prizes, press enter and apply at UFABET . A collection of famous game camps that are open 24 hours a day.