Review of fruit king game from CQ9 online slots camp with recommended techniques

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Fruit king game review is another slot game from CQ9 camp, who designed the fruit king slot game to have a simple playing style. Enjoy the excitement of winning the jackpot bonus prize easily. Suitable for newbies who want to gamble with Slot Online. Today, I will introduce the rules and playing techniques. Let’s see.

Fruit king game review, fruit king slot, easy to play, payout spread up to 50 times

Fruit King Slot Online game that is fun to play, easy to understand and can easily make a profit for players. The basic gameplay is not complicated so players don’t need any special skills. It is also possible to set the investment amount to bet from the minimum to the maximum bet.

fruit king 5 line slot game with 9 paylines. Player payouts must be 2 – 3 or more of the same pattern. In order from left to right As for the payout symbols of the Fruit King slot game. There are a total of 12 divided into 10 symbols and 2 special symbols. Each with different payout rates as follows.

special symbol fruit king

fruit king game review
  1. The Wild symbol is a responsive icon and can also be substituted for all icons except scatter reward symbol
  2. payout reward If a player has this symbol appearing on the reels, payout rates range from 2-5 times or receive a maximum of 50 times their total bet 3/2, 4/5, 5-50.

Fruit King Slot Payout Rate Symbols

 fruit king

Each fruit king payout rate symbol has a different payout rate. The in-game payout is only for 3 or more similar symbols.

The fruit king slot paylines that CQ9 has designed a total of 9 paylines are available in straight, diagonal and zigzag lines.

How to play online slots Fruit King Fruit King Introduction

The first one is to fill in the name-password along with the verification code. and press login to go to the main page When finished, follow the steps below.

CQ9 Online Slots
  1. Press on “Slot Games” mode.
  2. Choose to play online slots from CQ9 camp.
 fruit king

3. Press the Slot Fruit King game. The system will lead the player to the Fruit King Slot betting page.

CQ9 Online Slots

4. When entering the page to play slots, there will be various important menu buttons as follows.

  1. Pay Table, Settings Button and Rules of Play along with explaining the payout rate symbols within the game
  2. Balance The box shows the total credit amount of the player.
  3. Win The box shows the winner’s prize money in each turn.
  4. Total Bet The box shows the amount of bet in each eye.
  5. The button to adjust the bet amount to decrease.
  6. Button to increase bet amount
  7. Spin button to start the game When this button is pressed, the wheel in the game will begin to spin faster and faster for players to win prizes from symbols in the game.

It’s over for the review of the Fruit King game, a fun fruit king slot from CQ9, another popular gambling game that is fun to play with high returns. Ready to win big prizes easily If interested, want to join in the fun with classic online slot games that have a variety of styles to choose from. You can come to apply for membership at UFABET . The number one online slots website that is available 24 hours a day.