Review of Caishen Wins from Pocket Games Soft, online slots with recommended techniques

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Today we are going to review the Caishen Wins game by Pocket Games Soft, who designed an attractive slot game for gamblers to join in the fun and get lucky with Caishen Wins an online PG slot that is easy to play with rules and methods that are easy to understand. It is another game suitable for beginners. More importantly, it also offers high and frequent rewards, whether it’s bonuses or free spins.

Caishen Wins game review, rules for online slots, PG camp

Chi Shen online slot is a 6-slot, 5-row video game that features Wild, a free spin symbol that can be paired with other gambler features. Slots like 20 main bets with winning lines 2,025 ways -32,400 ways Betting difficulty starts from 1-10 bet size 0.20 – 2.00

Caishen Wins Online Slots with Outstanding Graphics and sound effects that increase the fun of winning symbols that has the ability to increase the prize money to be higher Players can set bet levels. From the lowest to the highest and the larger the bet, the higher the chances of getting Wild and Scatter symbols. In addition, you can win up to 20 free spins and multiply X20. It’s not over yet, if you get 4 or more scatter symbols, get free spins bonuses from Cai Xing Yee slots.

Slot Online Caishen Wins Symbols and Payouts

payout rate symbol Cai Xing Yee Slots

Caishen Wins Game Review
  • Some symbols in slots 2, 3, 4 and 5 may occupy a space between slots 2-4. Each symbol has a payout rate based on the payout table.

Wild Shard Symbol

Caishen Wins Game Review
  • The wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except Scatter.
  • The Wild symbol pays out only if it appears in the 2, 3, 4 or 5 slot.

Caishen Wins Features

Pocket Games Soft
  • As the reels spin, the Caishen symbol will appear in the top slot.
  • The Caishen symbol, if it appears in the top slot, can replace the 4 Wild symbol.

Caishen Wins Free Spins Feature

Pocket Games Soft
  • 4 or more Scatter symbols appear. No matter which channel you are in, get free spins.
  • Free spins can be selected with the option of 8 free spins plus 2 additional free spins per Scatter symbol, each with a different free spin feature. In addition to the free spins, players also get a maximum payout multiplier of x8.
  • If the maximum multiplier can be increased, it will receive an additional 2 multiplier values.

Scatter symbol

online slots
  • 4 Scatter symbols have a special feature that can be on the reels at any time. 4 of them will give you 8 free spins. Each Scatter symbol gives 2 free games per 1 game.

Review of Caishen Wins game, the process of betting Slot Online from PG camp

1. When logging in, press to select “Slot Games” mode, select the camp that you want to play PG (Pocket Games Soft)

online slots

2. Choose Caishen Wins game, the hottest slot game that members choose to use as the top service.

3. When entering the Caishen Wins slot game page, before playing, let’s get to know the menu of the key buttons in the game as follows.

Pocket Games Soft
    1. 6-slot, 5-row video slot game screen
    2. Wallet Balance, Bet Amount, Prize Amount
    3. Turbo Spin
    4. Spin button Press to start betting game.
    5. Auto spin button
    6. The plus button is used to increase the bet amount.
    7. auto spin button
    8. Additional settings buttons consist of a menu.
      • Sounds, Payout Tables, Betting Rules, Play History
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4. After setting the bet successfully The last step is to press the spin button to initiate the spin.

All of this is a review of Caishen Wins, an online slot from Pocket Games Soft, the game designer and developer. In addition to being fun to play, there is also a simple playing style. Prizes are released frequently, either as bonuses or free spins. For anyone who wants to gamble with Slot Online games, they can apply for membership at UFABET . A collection of famous game camps that are open 24 hours a day.