Rangnick urged Rashford to restore his form

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick has urged Marcus Rashford to regain his form if he hopes to continue playing in the starting XI for Manchester United.

From having been the main character of Manchester United. Before with a great performance in the field. It was raised as a young player to watch as well. But after receiving too high wages. The form of play Marcus Rashford has started out at sea and hasn’t improved much. The exorbitant wages and poor performances for Manchester United fans. How dissatisfied with Marcus Rashford.

Plus, the arrival of Ralph Rangnick also affects Marcus Rashford’s chances of entering the field as well. The more disappointing results in the latter half. Giving other players more opportunities to enter the field. Marcus Rashford has not scored a single goal in 11 games in a row. Ralph Rangnick urging Marcus Rashford to return to his best form as soon as he wants. Manchester United in the long run by Ralph Rangnick said

“I understand that not being able to score goals or create chances for my team-mates in several UFABET games in a row might have a considerable effect on Marcus Rashford’s mental state, but the reason why I still gave Marcus Rash a chance. Ford has been on the field continuously because he has been very satisfactory in training and another big problem is that Marcus Rashford often produces very satisfying in the first 20 minutes but after that. Marcus Rashford has underperformed and it is important that Marcus Rashford should continue to perform well if he is to secure his place in the starting XI at Manchester United. “