Pogpa never thought of moving to the Saudi Arabian league.

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The perfume city media hit the news Paul Pogba, an indie midfielder French national team. Still wanting to trade with Juventus. Despite rumors that there are famous teams in the Saudi Arabian league interested. And ready to spend money to buy to strengthen the army

French media Lequipe. News reports on the movement of the European football market that French national team midfielder Paul Pogba’s team. “Bianconeri” Juventus football club famous Serie A Italian Serie A that fall. There is a famous team in Saudi Arabia. Pay attention to him to strengthen the army in the season that is about to begin.

Pogpa never thought of moving to the Saudi Arabian league.

from such news Because in the 2022-23 season, Paul Pogba, tall legs, has problems with physical condition that are not fully fit. Made only 10 shots on the field from all items until the Juventus executive club Maybe drop him off the สมัคร ufabet team. To find new players to replace and to reduce the cost of French footballer

The report adds that Paul Pogba has no intention of leaving as he wants to continue playing for Juventus in order to give him a chance to get into the France national team. Soccer uniforms for Euro 2024 in Germany will host Which playing in the top leagues in the world will give you more chances to get into the flag. The previous part that Pogba traveled to Saudi Arabia It’s just going to personal matters only. It’s not about going to talk about a football deal in any way.