Man United set a loss price, who wants Maguire to join the army, hurry up.

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Pin a sale tag! The Red Devils army is ready to release Harry Maguire, the defender of the team immediately, at a loss price. If any team wants to join the team. Come and take it for 50 million pounds.

Manchester Evening News, the famous media of Manchester, England, reported that the “Red Devils” Manchester United. The giant club of English Premier League football has announced the sale of Harry Maguire, the English national team striker. By setting the body at 50 million pounds, or about 2,250 million baht in Thai money

Man United set a loss price, who wants Maguire to join the army, hurry up.

Harry Maguire’s performances in the 2022-23 season for Manchester United have not been satisfactory, with him becoming a bottom-line substitute. Of the team that will enter the field in the Premier League. He only touched 16 games. He was satisfied. The opportunity to play on the field. Still did not produce impressive results. 

However, Manchester United has estimated the value of Harry Maguire to be at 50 million pounds. But it is expected that With this price. No team would be willing to pay. This price is the price that Manchester United lose because when Harry Maguire joined the team. He paid 80 million pounds, or about 3,600 million baht in Thai money.

Harry Maguire has been linked with many ยูฟ่าเบท teams in the Premier League. Including Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Newcastle United, West Ham United.