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online slots story It is the most popular casino game with players losing millions of dollars on slot machines every day. From the flashy lights, $$$ signs everywhere, and the click sound of slot machines, it’s not difficult to be attracted.

Slots are very easy to learn and very easy to play too. Because it’s a game that relies entirely on luck. Therefore, there is no need for much skill to play and if lucky, players can win the jackpot as well.

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Open the history of online slots stories, all 18 people break the jackpot with the prize money

A collection of stories of slot players, as well as stories about breaking the jackpot, are readily available on the Internet. Which can be seen often, whether in casinos or online casinos, so this article will talk about Win big or break the jackpot 18 times in history. Memorable of the casino industry to get to know each other.

World War II veterans grossed $25.6 million from two unbelievable wins.

Elmer Sherwin, a veteran of the World War II.

Big progressive jackpot wins It’s not strange But the chances of winning the jackpot twice are different. If it’s nearly as impossible as having two lightning strikes in the same spot, but not Elmer Sherwin, a World War II veteran who managed to hit the jackpot twice!

That’s right, Sherwin hit a $4.6 million jackpot on the IGT Megabucks slot in Las Vegas shortly after The Mirage opened that day. He was 76 at the time, which is why he used most of his fortune to satisfy his own winning craving.

The funny thing is, he never stopped playing just hoping to hit the jackpot again, and of course he did it again.16 years later Sherwin hit another huge Megabucks jackpot of value. 21 million dollars (635.04 million baht) put him on the record as one of the jackpot winners twice! this veteran The majority of this jackpot was awarded. to many charities

British soldiers win almost $20 million Mega Moolah jackpot (about 604.80 million baht).

British soldiers win Mega Moolah Jackpot

Over the years, Mega Moolah has been known for its huge winning slots, especially its massive progressive jackpots.

In October 2015, Jon Heywood, a 26-year-old British soldier, returned home with nearly $20 million after breaking the Moolah jackpot while playing at Betway Casino as a jackpot. biggest As ever from winning online casino rewards

This British soldier bought a luxury car. Paying medical expenses for relatives And now he is living a very luxurious life. Make a jackpot like this Who wouldn’t be rich?

A 25 -year-old man won $ 39 million ($1,179.36 million) at Vegas’s Excalibur casino.

Young Excalibur Wins $39 Million

Even the identity of the winner will not be revealed. But winning slots with this huge amount of money It’s not strange to be mentioned. What’s funny is this unidentified 25-year-old from L.A. Waiting for the basketball match to begin. So he spins the wheel to kill time. Not knowing that he would win one of the greatest victories. ever recorded in Vegas

Ikiryo, after winning $39 million ($1,179.36 million) at Casino Excalibur, the lucky man chose to drop $1.5 million every quarter for the next decade of the decade.

A lucky Filipino slot player who can turn 25 cents ( $ 7.56 ) into $18.7 million .

online slots story  Changed the money from 25 cents to $18.7 million.

If you don’t know the definition of good luck Let’s listen to the story of One Finnish Slots Player Take a Look He was able to turn just 25 cents (US$1.56) wagered in NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot into $18.7 million (565.49 million baht), which happened on January 20, 2013 at Paf Casino.

After years of playing slots, luck is on the side of this Finnish player. He is one of the many players who make big money in Mega Fortune slots.

A postal worker walks out of a casino with an $11 million prize pool at Megabucks.

Postal Worker John Tippin Cracks the Megabucks Jackpot

There are a lot of big slots wins going on. And this is a classic example. of the way slot machines can give luck to players While on vacation in Las Vegas in 1991, postal worker John Tippin hits the jackpot. Megabucks broke $11 million (332.64 million baht)

He has released a book about his victories and trip to Vegas titled “I Did It! My Life After Megabucks.” life after jackpot from Megabucks) in the book will talk about Playing casinos in Las Vegas, winning Megabucks and after winning how has his life changed?

Norwegian Wins $ 12.9 Million (390.10 Million Baht) Online Slot Tales From Mega Fortune

On September 24, 2011, Norwegian slots players spun on the hugely popular NetEnt Mega Fortune slot and made $12,922,312 in the middle of the night. This huge win at Betsson Casino puts the Norwegian in the World Guinness Book of Records for the great. The gambling as well

The 60- year-old took home $680,000 and has since won more than $27 million.

The Wheel of Fortune: A 60-Year-Old Woman Wins $680,000 

Vegas is a place where magic happens. And some have discovered that their own sweet way She won $680,000 while playing The Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the Palace Station Hotel. Then quit playing, but the 60-year-old decided to keep playing, where luck was on her side. Because she broke the $27 million Megabucks jackpot (816.48 million baht) a few months later.

Swedish Player Wins $8.4 Million at Unibet Casino

Swedish Player Jackpot Break Hall of Gods

In November 2012, a lucky Swedish player earned around $8.4 million after hitting the Hall of Gods jackpot. NetEnt slots have turned many players into millionaires. This Swede used the money to pay off his home loan. Buy a new car and use the money to make your life better. Previously, no one had ever hit the jackpot until November 2012. This was the biggest payout a casino had to pay and remains one of the most talked about big payout slots wins. too

Mega Moolah online players earn $7 million (211.68 million baht).

As you know The Mega Moolah progressive slot by Microgaming is known for big wins online. Back in March 2009, when a River Belle casino player from Greece made a $7 million Mega Moolah jackpot or 211.68 million baht.

Australian billionaires make between $20 million and $40 million ($ 604.80 – $1,209.60 million) in Vegas.

Kerry Packer, Australian billionaire

Although making a lot of money for players who bet with a lot of money It’s not uncommon, but Australian billionaire Kerry Packer redefines big slots wins. His 1997 trip to luxury Las Vegas ended with his $20 million – 40 million raise. USD (604.80 – 1,209.60 million baht) after winning several big baccarat and blackjack.

Even though getting a lot of prize money It’s not uncommon for Aussies, but $40 million is quite a lot of money. Rumor has it that the Aussies This man tipped the porter in millions. Sadly, he lost $28 million in London’s High Street Casino. But still his victory It is still talked about to this day.

Hawaiian Grandmother Wins $9 Million on Vacation in Vegas

Amy Nishimura , 71, hit a jackpot of around $8.9 million while playing a slot machine at the Fremont Hotel. She had only $100 in funds to play and played for 3 hours before receiving it. Huge winnings of almost 9 million dollars (272.16 million baht). This shows that her efforts have resulted in large sums of money playing slot machines.

An unprecedented victory with $42.9 million ($ 1,297.30 million )!

There’s a saying that there will always be good luck and bad luck. For Katrina Bookman from New York, it’s one of those happy and unlucky days. Bookman is already spinning the slots at Resort World Casino. The machine told her that she received a prize worth $42.9 million ($1,297.30 million).

Unfortunately later found to be a machine fault. because if it is true This win has to be labeled as the largest slot win in history. Sadly, it’s just a malfunction of the machine, as a single win on the slot machine only pays a maximum of $6,500. For consolation of this mistake, Katrina Bookman only received one steak. plate only

Cynthia Jay with $35 million in prize money ($1,058.40 million)

Cynthia Jay Online Slot Story Wins $35 Million

If playing slot machines People often ask themselves, “Will the machine hit the jackpot today?”

This was the question that had been floating around in Cynthia Jay’s mind for 2,000 days and then her wish came true while playing the hugely popular Vegas slots Megabucks at Monte Carlo Casino Jay and winning almost. $35 million ($1,058.40 million). Unfortunately, she was in a car accident and lost her sister less than two months in that tragic accident. She survived but was crippled. It’s been a year with a lot of things going on in her life!

Fred S. from Florida with two big wins from slots.

Although it may not be listed in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the biggest slots wins. But a man named Fred S. hit the slot jackpot not once but twice in 2018. The Florida man hit his jackpot twice in a row.

In the first jackpot break He won $1,291,918 ($39 million) with just $20 while waiting for Hard Rock Biloxi Casino to eagerly check his jackpot win. This lucky Florida native also made an additional $14,000, bringing his winnings to over $1.3 million.

The German won $3.85 million (116.42 million baht) playing Mega Fortune Slot.

Online slots players would be encouraged to play a lot. Knowing that there are incredible double wins in their favorite online slots of 2018, German slots players One lucky person was playing Mega Fortune with just $2 and won a jackpot of over $3.85 million (or $116.42 million). It was recorded at PokerStars Casino as the largest payout. in the history of online casinos

Ashley Revell won $270,000 in Vegas.

While the amount of this win isn’t as many as others mentioned, it’s also one of the most interesting wins out there. Ashley was having fun with her friends at a bar and they wanted to bet. all at once see

Ashley bets all his money in that single spin. Selling his BMW golf clubs and his Rolex watch as a bet, this 32-year-old gave it all at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Vegas and he finally won! His play was also videotaped and broadcast live on Sky TV.

An anonymous woman took home $12.8 million ($387.07 million) on her granddaughter’s birthday.

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is where people want to win huge jackpots when playing slots. And this is proof that this is true. For a lucky girl Although she decided to remain anonymous. But her $12.8 million ($387.07 million) win couldn’t be silenced. She went to see her granddaughter celebrating her birthday at the Aria Hotel.

On the way to the granddaughter’s room An anonymous woman bet $6 (180 baht) on an empty slot machine. She couldn’t believe her eyes when the amount and $$$ symbol appeared on the screen.

She made $12,769,933 ($387.07 million) with just $6 on her bet.

Johаnnа Huendl Wins $22 Million Prize in Las Vegas

On the way to breakfast in 2002, 74-year-old Johanna Huendl decided to try his luck on the slot reels. and her instincts are correct She won a $22 million Megabucks jackpot, which is said to be the 4th largest slot jackpot in all of Vegas history.

It was an incident that happened while Johanna was vacationing in Nevada. At first she thought she had hit the jackpot with a $2 million (60.48 million baht) prize because her eyesight wasn’t very good, but after a good check she found herself winning $22,618,156, equivalent to Thai money. 683,973,037 baht I guess she’ll be full instead of rice for sure!

It’s a big win in the 18th place. The story of online slots in the history of the casino industry . That’s it. Most of them probably wouldn’t have imagined that they would get big money to change their lives like this for sure. Some people play just for fun. while others, like the lucky Norwegians, play to overcome insomnia. But no matter what you play for Playing these jackpots is proof enough for many who are still trying to win such a big one.

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