Haaland admits Dortmund put pressure on decision

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Borussia Dortmund’s Norwegian striker Ering Braut Haaland has revealed Borussia Dortmund are pressing him to make. A decision on his future despite the fact that they are still struggling. He didn’t think about the future at all.

With 78 goals and 21 assists in 78 appearances. Ering Braut Haaland immediately became the subject of interest from many of Europe’s top teams. Even for Boru. Scia Dortmund will be a big team as well. But the big problem is their success that is still very far apart from other teams. Especially teams in the same league like Bayern Munich at Karan. Hit the championship every year. There are also non-league teams such as Manchester City. Manchester United as well as Chelsea who want Ering Braut Haaland to join the UFABET team.

Of course, Borussia Dortmund do not want to let the best out of the squad. He will try to extend their contract further, but with a release clause of £64million, Ering Braut Ha’s chances are. Land will part ways with Borussia Dortmund, seemingly possible immediately, with each team in the English Premier League ready to spend unlimited wages like this, it would be difficult for Borussia Dortmund will extend Ering Braut Haaland’s contract further, so it has tried to announce through the media that Ering Braut Haaland will not be released.

But Ering Braut Haaland has revealed Borussia Dortmund are pressuring him hard to make a decision on his future despite Eri’s unwillingness to think about anything other than on the pitch. D Braut Haaland said: “Over the past several months I have not wanted to say anything about the future in honor of Borussia Dortmund, but now they are putting a lot of pressure on me. Quickly decide on the future as I want to focus on my performance on the pitch and if it stays like this I might have to make a decision on my future soon.”