Gallas suggests how Lukaku will regain the faith of his supporters

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Former Chelsea defender William Gallas has urged Romelu Lukaku to return to his best form as soon as possible. Especially when scoring goals against Chelsea if he wants to regain his faith. from the fans back

Of course, Romelu Lukaku’s £97m move to Chelsea has raised fans’ expectations and demands that Romelu Lukaku elevate Chelsea’s attack. Z to be better. Which in the early days of the transfer Romelu Lukaku’s work was satisfying with continuous goals scored. But after that, Romelu Lukaku had problems with injuries, disturbing all the time. Rarely get the opportunity to play as much as Romelu Lukaku’s performance began to deteriorate noticeably.

But the turning point was Romelu Lukaku, who said he was unhappy with Thomas Tuchel’s plans and wanted a return to Inter Milan, leaving Chelsea fans disappointed with Ro. Melu Lukaku even wanted Romelu Lukaku to leave the ทางเข้า UFABET team before Romelu Lukaku apologized to the fans for the incident but Chelsea fans are now out of control. Confident in Romelu Lukaku, he only wants Romelu Lukaku to part ways with Chelsea.

Which William Gallas recommends Romelu Lukaku to call back in good form as quickly as possible, especially scoring goals for Chelsea continuously if he wants fans to believe again by William Gallas said: “It is a very unwise act to criticize a manager’s game plan in such a fast-paced media era and what Romelu Lukaku can do is admit his fault. Only myself, but if you want the fans to believe again, they have to keep scoring goals.”