‘Fah White’ returned to the throne, number 1 in the world for the 6th time, ‘Samba’ dropped 3rd

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Argentina has returned to occupy number 1 in the world again from 2017 in the latest FIFA rankings on April 6, 2023 while Brazil. Which has held the crowd for 1 year has dropped. to 3rd place, being overtaken by France to 2nd instead

The International Football Federation ( FIFA) announced the latest FIFA Ranking. On Thursday, April 6, 2023, where the Blue White army. Which was previously ranked No. 2, moved up to No. 1 in the world for the first time in six years, replacing Brazil. An important rival in the South American zone. who fell from the top to rank 3, while France moved up to second place instead. While Belgium and England remained at 4 and 5, respectively.

'Fah White' returned to the throne, number 1 in the world for the 6th time, 'Samba' dropped 3rd

The last ranking was made on Thursday 22 December 2022 after the UFABET World Cup. In Qatar, where the Fah White army defeated Brandon in a penalty shootout. After which they had a warm-up game in March. Made a winning performance against Panama 2-0 and attacked Curaçao 7-0, causing the latest cumulative score to increase by 2.55, totaling 1840.93 points. Returning to number 1 again from 2017.

As for the Samba football , who had been ranked number 1 for 1 year. Did not perform well in friendly matches last month, defeating Morocco 1-2. The cumulative score dropped 6.56 to 1834.21 points. The FIFA ranking dropped to 3rd in the world, with  perfume players overtaken. Up to second place with 1838.45 points. After beating the Netherlands 4-0 and Ireland 1-0 in the Euro 2024 qualifying round Group B

The Roaring Lion army , who beat Italy 2-1 and beat Ukraine 2-0 in the Euro Qualifiers, raised their score to 1792.43 points, but still not good enough to overtake. The Red Devils of Europe with 1792.53 points remain in fifth place. While the 6th to 10th places remain unchanged as well, consisting of the  Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

In Asia, Japan remains in 20th place as the best team in the zone. Followed by Iran, South Korea, Australia and Saudi Arabia , while Qatar, the 2022 World Cup host, has dropped to 61st place . Thailand ranks 114th, dropping 3 places from the previous time.