Casino Tips : 8 things you need to know before you think about going to a casino

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A seasoned casino gambler may have learned all the essentials of a casino tour, but for the novice gambler with less experience. Some people may have learned more than the word “veteran”, or some people are exhausted because they do not know how to play games in casinos. I believe that every game In addition to using luck in playing Knowledge and techniques are essential to winning a casino.

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Pro gamblers will know from the outset that there are no fair deals when playing casino games. But if you are the one who walks to the casino and thinks that you will have an advantage over the dealer Please think again, because you are very new, of course at UFABET .

There are no bets that the players have. The casino house’s mathematical advantage Unless you’re one of those special people who can count cards at blackjack or control the dice in craps, or know how to beat a video poker machine with the perfect strategy or stall the casino.

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when encountering a dead end

Now let’s say in the corner where the casino gets money from the player’s pocket. It is the point where players earn little money from the casino. In a bet of 100 baht, there are 10 possibilities that will happen.

Be careful to be shocked when you know how the casino gets money from the players. In each game the players wander, take a deep breath and see how the house edge works in which betting games.

gamebettingThe house edgewhat happened
blackjackwhole game50% for players using strategy / more than 50% for other playerslose half the bet (May cost more if using other strategies)
CrapsGet Don’t Pass/Don’t Come1.40 percentLose 1.4 baht per 100 baht bet.
CrapsDown Pass / Come1.41 percentLose 1.41 baht per 100 baht bet.
Crapsdown 6 or 81.52 percentLose 1.52 baht per 100 baht bet.
Crapsdown 5 or 94 percentLose 4 baht per 100 baht bet.
Crapsdown 4 or 106.67 percentLose 6.67 baht per 100 baht bet.
CrapsOther bets5.56 percent to 16.67 percentLose between 5.56 and 16.67 baht per 100 baht bet.
Roulette: double-zero wheelevery bet5.26 percentLose 5.26 baht per 100 baht bet.
Roulette:single-zerowheelevery bet2.70 percentLose 2.7 baht per 100 baht bet.
BaccaratDown on the banker’s side1.06 percentLose 1.06 baht per 100 baht bet.
BaccaratDown on the player’s side (Player)1.24 percentLose 1.24 baht per 100 baht bet.
BaccaratAlways in position (Tie)14 percentLose 14 baht per 100 baht bet.
pokerPaiGoworiginal game2.6 percentLose 2.6 baht per 100 baht bet.
SlotsRange17 percent to 4 percentLose 17 to 4 baht per 100 baht bet.
video pokerRangea lota lot

Exceptions to the above

Actually, there are some good and bad exceptions. Good exceptions include being able to “buy” 4 and 10 in craps games, being able to place or bet on Odds on Pass, Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come, surrender or en prison bets. Two-to-one with money in the game of roulette.

Gambling risks can include “jackpot” bets being traded by adding extra bets, bonus bets or side bets in traditional games such as the Fire bet on craps and drag. bonuses in PaiGow poker games, side bets in blackjack games and more.

If an extra bet is required Even if the bet has a low house edge But it may cause to have to play more than before. So it’s best to bet on Side.

Free products and services that are not as free as you think.

Casinos often entice players with promotions such as discounts or free on room rates, food, beverages, shows, gifts, parties, golf and more. It depends on the amount staked, games played, time played. including the amount of money played

Players will not receive free goods and services if the casino does not consider them valuable. This means that the amount the player loses is X baht. The casino will refund the player only 30% or 50% of that amount lost in the form of free goods and services.

Most casinos can tell us about their free products and services just by asking!

Still, some gamblers who go to play in online channels, especially baccarat or slots games, the question will change from free products and services. It is a promotion that will attract us to invest money to play. so be careful Before deciding to play money on any website for when You have been scammed by gambling online. Then the matter of getting a refund will be quite difficult. or even not getting a baht refund, there are many

If you want to go to a casino, you need to know how to play different games.


There is a way to play every casino game. Some games such as blackjack are games where players have to read their hand and guess the dealer’s card. Good decision making reduces the house edge. Bad decisions increase the house edge. so knowing The “basic strategy” is good.

In craps there are also ways to bet. Good advice is not to gamble hard. but to reduce the number of bets It will make it possible to enjoy gambling with minimal impact on your pocket money.

As for the way to play kiosk slots in casinos and online slots, it is to study which machines are more likely to win and how much money you should play with. There are also some tips for playing Slot Online, for example. Choosing an online slot camp, which jackpot is often broken, or choosing a slot game to suit yourself