Bielsa: Rafinha’s contract extension is a good thing

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Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa has revealed that talks over a new contract with Rafinha were the right decision because Rafinha is a player. Key players of Leeds United

Despite moving to Leeds United for a fee of only 16 million pounds in 2020. Rafinha’s performance was brutal and helped Leeds United stay in the English Premier League. In a great stadium, Rafinha has become a player who has received attention from many leading teams in Europe. Especially Liverpool and Bayern Munich want Rafinha to join the team. and It appears Rafinha also wants to leave Leeds United.

Because having to wait for Leeds United to win. A ticket to go to the UEFA Champions League is probably too long. Especially in the current era where there are now many teams ready to scramble. The area to enter the UEFA Champions League. It was clear that there were no plans to release Rafinha from the UFABET team. It was ready to extend a new contract. Which Marcelo Bielsa revealed. That the contract negotiations with Rafinha was the right decision.

Rafinha is one of Leeds United’s greatest players. He’s just showing off his talents even though. So it’s no surprise that Ra. Fina will get the attention of some of Europe’s top teams and our readiness to negotiate a new contract with Rafinha is the right decision.